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Our animal hospital is located in Arden, just a short drive from
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  • How Laser Therapy Can Help Your Dog’s Pain
    How Laser Therapy Can Help Your Dog’s Pain

    Your dog is hardly just a pet. They have been called people’s best friends, but they are much more like family. Whether you adopted or found your dog as a puppy, or your furry family member came to you as an adult, you want to do everything you can to make sure they are happy and healthy. Unfortunately, as dogs age, they can begin to experience symptoms of pain. That is not unlike their pet parents, who feel their joints and muscles getting achy as they get older. However, your dog ages more quickly than you. They rely on their parents to help recognize they are uncomfortable and help mitigate it.

    You may have heard of laser therapy as a means by which a veterinarian can help with your dog's pain. However, the term or concept may seem unfamiliar and even a little concerning. We want to help dog parents understand the potential benefits of laser therapy and whether it is a good solution for their furry family members.