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therapy for your dogDo you call Buncombe County home? It is one of the fastest growing regions in North Carolina. Whether you have recently called the most populated county in western North Carolina home for the first time, or you have lived in the area for many years, you know that we love to get out and about with our pets. Buncombe County is among the most pet friendly regions in the state for many reasons, including: 

  • Pet friendly restaurants, retail spaces, and businesses are the norm in our area.
  • Much of western North Carolina ‘s housing is pet friendly.
  • There are thousands of miles of hiking trails to explore, many of which are friendly to pets
  • There are many professional and quality veterinarian offices throughout Buncombe County.
  • The weather is rarely too hot or too cold for pets and their owners.

Summer temperatures are much cooler and more comfortable than regions like Charlotte and Greenville. High temperatures rarely exceed 90°, and most nights author a reprieve of cool air. Spring and fall feature mild temperatures that are perfect for getting outdoors with your furry friend. Winter is not all that cold. However, it is probably the season that requires pet owners to be the most vigilant about safety. At Avery Creek Pet Hospital, we want to make sure you have the resources you need to keep your pet safe all winter long.

Winter Pet Safety and Buncombe County North Carolina

Here are some key tips for maintaining pet safety in Buncombe County:

  • Maintain weather-awareness at all times by knowing when extreme cold is in the forecast.
  • Keep dangerous chemicals out of the spaces where your pets are sheltering from the weather.
  • Make sure your pet’s skin and coat remain moist and do not dry out.
  • Do not shave your pet’s coat during the winter.
  • Make sure there is a safe place for them to stay inside when the temperature drops to extremes. 

Avery Creek Pet Hospital has been serving pet owners and their furry family members for many years. We are located in the south Asheville part of Buncombe County, making sure western North Carolina residents have everything they need to practice winter pet safety. If you want more information about how to keep your pets safe during the coldest times of the year, or it is time to schedule a wellness check up for your furry friend, contact the team at Avery Creek Pet Hospital today.