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pet checkups asheville ncThe best way to keep your pet healthy is through regular wellness check-ups from the highly qualified veterinarians and staff at Avery Creek Pet Hospital near Asheville, NC.

Prevention is the real goal of wellness exams. When veterinarians see a pet on a regular basis, they can help pets avoid some preventable illnesses and diseases. Many pet owners are not aware that taking a dog or cat to the veterinarian once a year is the same as a person seeing their doctor once every seven years. It is recommended that pets have an annual wellness exam so their veterinarian can have the opportunity to detect, treat or, ideally, prevent problems such as obesity, arthritis, heart disease, metabolic problems, cancer, diabetes, and other serious conditions before they become life-threatening.

Services Available at Pet Checkups

Preventative care visits often include a physical examination, including eyes, ears, heart, lungs, legs and coat. The qualified staff at Avery Creek Pet Hospital can also safely trim your pet's claws, perform blood and fecal tests and administer any vaccinations or boosters, including kennel cough boosters and rabies vaccinations.

How Often Should My Pet Have Wellness Checks?

Dogs and cats  from 1-7 years old we recommend annual visits. Dogs and cats 8 years and older should visit for checkups every 6 months. 

Wellness Checks for Senior Pets in Asheville

Preventative visits are especially important for pets over the age of 8. Our pets age much more quickly than humans, and their needs can change dramatically in a relatively short period of time. As dogs and cats get older, their nutritional and basic care needs change. Senior pets should be seen for wellness checks at least twice a year.

Preventative Care for Senior Dogs

Senior dogs may require less calories and more fiber to prevent obesity and diabetes.  Wellness checks for senior dogs can also help prevent the onset of arthritis or cognitive issues. The caring staff at Avery Creek Pet Hospital can discuss any concerns you may have and let you know what to be on the lookout for as your pet ages.

Preventative Care for Senior Cats

Early detection of health issues can result in easier management, improved quality of life and lower costs. As cats age they also can display new and more frequent behavioral problems. The caring and knowledgeable staff at Avery Creek Pet Hospital can discuss any concerns you may have and know what to be on the lookout for as your pet ages.