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Traveling with Your Pet During the HolidaysThe holiday season is a welcome time for reconnecting with friends and family, resting, and preparing ourselves for the new year. November and December are the most popular times of the year to travel. For pet owners, traveling may seem daunting or impossible. At the same time, finding a caretaker can be more difficult during the travel season.

If you are traveling with your pet, Avery Creek Pet Hospital is here to help make sure you remember everything you need to make the trip safe and memorable.

Traveling with Your Pet During the Holidays

Here is a quick checklist to get you on the road with your pet in a safe and comfortable manner.

  • If flying or driving, make sure your pet is healthy enough for the trip by stopping at Avery Creek Pet Hospital for a wellness checkup.
  • If your pet has never traveled before, take some shorter practice trips to gauge how they will do.
  • If flying, make sure you abide by airport and airline restrictions and recommendations. Read reviews of others who have traveled with pets.
  • If driving, make sure you have the appropriate pet harnesses.
  • Remember your pets’ comfort items like beds, chew toys, and things that remind them of home.
  • Remember medications and other things unique to your pet.
  • Remember to give yourself more time for potty breaks and exercise. Research dog parks and exercise areas along the way.
  • Show your pets lots of affection when they do well.

If you are traveling with your pet this holiday season or any other time during the year, Avery Creek Pet Hospital is here to help make sure it is an excellent experience. Come see us for a wellness checkup and advice for making the most of your experience. Contact Avery Creek Pet Hospital to schedule an appointment today.