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Avery Creek Veterinarian Pharmacy Asheville, NC.

If your beloved pet requires medication to help him or her quality of life, our in-house veterinarian pharmacy is available for your convenience. Our Registered Technicians or Veterinary Assistants will walk through the process of delivering the medication to your pet and help you know what to expect. We believe the best experience for you and your animals is to receive comprehensive care from your local veterinarian practice.

We stock a wide variety of the highest quality veterinary drugs in the animal health care field. Most medications are available in oral liquids or tablets for easy administration. Medications can be dispensed directly from the hospital so your pet will benefit from immediate treatment.

We also work with compounding pharmacies to provide customized medications for our patients when needed.

In additional to our in house pharmacy, we offer an online pharmacy to order medications, food, heart worm and flea preventatives which are guaranteed. When ordering from our online pharmacy the products are delivered to your door and your order may qualify for free shipping. Click on this link http://averycreekpethospital.vetsfirstchoice.com/ to start saving you time and money.