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Four Reasons Why a Pet Wellness Checkup is ImportantAsheville, NC, is a great place to bring your dog. The Blue Ridge Mountains provide a playground for your four-legged friend, miles of mountain trails to explore, watering holes for splashing, and plenty of things to sniff. You and your dog have the opportunity to explore the lush grounds surrounding the Biltmore Estate, shop at local farmer’s markets, and grab a brunch at a dog-friendly patio. Asheville’s walkable downtown is pet-friendly with features like welcome signs, water bowls, and plenty of people to give your dog a treat. After a long day exploring the many beauties of Asheville, it’s important to make sure your furry friend is staying healthy and in good shape. 

Avery Creek Pet Hospital specializes in preventative care and pet wellness checks to ensure your pet lives a long and healthy life. A wellness check is an overall assessment that includes a thorough physical exam, discussion of your pet’s behavior, diet, and nutritional habits, and a risk assessment to determine the needed vaccinations and prevention medications. We recommend at least annual visits to detect and prevent any disease at an early, treatable stage. Here are four reasons why pet wellness checkups are important. 

Four Reasons Why a Pet Wellness Checkup is Important

  1. Detecting Problems Early

One of the biggest reasons to visit the vet is to detect any early health problem as soon as possible. Pet wellness exams are similar to physicals for humans because they follow a list of guidelines to check for common problems before they become noticeable later on. Visiting the vet regularly will allow for effective treatment and fast recovery. 

  1. Evaluating Diet and Exercise

Your veterinarian can evaluate your pet’s diets and exercise habits during wellness exams and determine if anything needs to change as they get older. The type of food and amount you give your pet can affect their health. Wellness exams allow your vet to suggest a new and healthier diet and exercise changes that can benefit your pet.

  1. Answering Your Pet Concerns

You can always do internet research to find information on your questions and concerns regarding your pet; however, some information may not always be reliable. Pet wellness exams provide an opportunity to learn more about your pet’s health and address any concerns you may have that are answered by a professional. 

  1. Socializing Your Pet

Regular trips to the vet can help socialize your pet. Letting your pet spend time with other people and other animals can teach them manners and how to act properly. Besides, your pet will also get to spend time around other pets and make new friends.

Avery Creek Pet Hospital works hard every day to help your pet live a longer and happier life. Scheduling wellness visits are one of the best ways we can do this. When your pet is examined by our veterinarians, we can identify potential health issues and recommend a plan of action. Our experienced and skilled team of family veterinarians are happy to discuss ways how we can help your pets live a healthy life. Contact us today to request an appointment