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cat dental careAround the United States, over 85 million households include one or more special members. Pets! We may give them warm, safe homes and nutrition, but they give us so much in return: love, snuggles, the incentive to get off the couch and take a walk or play a game of fetch! And when there is a crisis, when they are in pain or in distress, there is no worse feeling. This is compounded if the problem occurs after-hours or on weekends. Sometimes you cannot afford to wait for veterinary intervention. 

Compassionate Pet Care - When You Need It

If your pet requires emergency services or surgery, time is of the essence. It is important that you take steps immediately to ensure that they receive the treatment they so vitally need. This is why the Avery Creek Pet Hospital team is committed to providing the most responsive services in Arden, North Carolina.

Tens of thousands of pet owners live in or near Asheville and Buncombe County. When you need fast pet care, you do not want to be searching for the number to call. Here is how Avery Creek Pet Hospital can help:

We offer emergency pet care during regular office hours, but as you know, crisis doesn’t follow a clock. If you need immediate help after-hours or on weekends, please contact the Regional Emergency Animal Care Hospital (REACH) at 828-665-4399.

REACH is the only pet hospital in Western North Carolina that is exclusively dedicated to veterinary emergency care. Their team is highly trained in this area and well-equipped to handle minor and critical emergencies. We are confident in recommending REACH because they deliver care with the utmost compassion and attention to the comfort of both pet and owner. Upon treatment, they will develop treatment recommendations, and we can retrieve your pet’s records in order to provide the most effective follow-up care.

Avery Creek Pet Hospital and REACH are proud to serve the proud pet owners of Arden, North Carolina. Do not hesitate to contact us for routine care, examinations, nutritional advice, dental services, and emergency care. We are here for you. Contact the team at Avery Creek Pet Hospital for more information or to schedule a wellness visit today.