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What do you need to know about wellness for dogs?

Everything You Need To Know About Dog Wellness

  1. What is a Dog Wellness Exam?

Dog Wellness Visit Asheville NCIt’s normal for humans to regularly get physical examinations at their preferred doctor, so why not your beloved dog? A wellness examination, just like a physical exam, is a routine medical exam of a healthy dog. The exam primarily focuses on a musculoskeletal exam, eye exam, ear exam and examines other parts like skin, tail, and paws in order to get an accurate result of your dog’s health. Visiting an animal hospital for a wellness exam is not only beneficial to your dog but also gives you the opportunity to discuss any issues or concerns with the veterinarian. 

  1. How Often Should My Dog Have a Wellness Examination?

The answer depends on your dog’s age, condition, and current health status. For early puppy stages, wellness exams are recommended on a monthly basis, while average adult dogs should visit annually. It’s recommended for middle age, and senior dogs to visit semi-annually. Pets age at a faster rate than people. To determine a schedule for your dog, your veterinarian is the best option to ask how often your dog should have a wellness examination based on their breed, health status, and lifestyle. 

  1. What Happens During a Wellness Exam?

During a routine wellness examination, your veterinarian will ask questions relating to your dog’s diet, behavior, habits, lifestyle, and general health. Your veterinarian will perform a physical examination of your dog and based on your pet’s history and physical exam. Your veterinarian will then make recommendations for specific preventive medicine treatments such as vaccination, flea, tick, and intestinal parasites treatments, joint health, weight management, or dental care. Afterward, your veterinarian will discuss your dog’s circumstances and suggest recommendations that would be appropriate to your dog’s life-stage. 

  1. What is the Benefit of a Wellness Exam?

Unlike humans, dogs cannot communicate how they are feeling, and as a result, disease and pain may be present before you are aware of it. Annual wellness exams are beneficial because early warning signs may be detected by your veterinarian during the physical exam or changes that suggest underlying issues that may be found. If a disease is detected before your dog shows signs of illness, there are often steps that can be taken to prevent the problem before damage occurs and more likely for a successful outcome. Early detection and treatment are less costly than waiting for a problem to advance and affect your dog’s quality of life. 

Asheville, NC, is a beautiful place to spend time with your dog. Avery Creek Pet Hospital wants you and your dog to enjoy the many activities the city has to offer. That is why we are dedicated to working hard every day to ensure your pet lives a longer and fulling life. Our skilled team of family veterinarians can assist your pet’s needs by identifying potential health issues and quickly take proper action so you and your dog can get back to having fun. Contact us today with questions or request an appointment.