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regular vet check upMillions of Americans are the proud parents of playful pups and dedicated dogs. They have become our best friends, our constant companions, and true members of the family. And, as our beloved buddies, their health is of the utmost importance. When they have great oral hygiene, not only is their breath better (that’s enough for those of us who have canines who love getting up close and personal!) but so is their overall health and longevity. Dog teeth cleaning is one powerful way to give your furry friend the best life possible.

How Much Does Dog Teeth Cleaning Cost? 

Here in Asheville, we love our dogs. You can go into almost any business and see that they are not only dog-friendly but go out of their way to welcome your furry friend. When you are out and about, however, you may be more aware of just how bad your dog’s breath is. That could be an indication of the need to increase their dental health.

Brushing your dog’s teeth and offering treats and toys that promote dental health are important. But they do not replace regular cleanings by your vet. A visit for routine dog teeth cleaning in a healthy pet typically costs $200 - $300, depending on your specific area and vet. If your dog has dental issues, this increases the cost. Now, while this may seem expensive, consider the alternative.

When dogs’ teeth are not maintained, they can develop serious issues, including gum disease. This can lead to eroded gums, missing teeth, bone loss, and chronic pain. And, of course, if your dog cannot eat due to pain, they will experience other problems from lack of nutrition and weight loss. One extraction can cost hundreds of dollars or more. Poor oral health can also lead to heart disease, diabetes, and other serious complications.

Scheduling a routine cleaning can not only save you hundreds or thousands of dollars, but it can also prevent pain and suffering for your pet.

Avery Creek Pet Hospital has extensive experience in the compassionate and safe delivery of dental services for your dog. We make every effort to ensure the process is as stress- and anxiety-free for your pup - and for you! Contact us today to give your dog a better, healthier, and more playful tomorrow.