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Have Your Dog’s Teeth Cleaned by a Professional in Asheville NCFor us humans, brushing begins and ends our days and helps keep our smiles at their pearly white best. Good oral health is also essential for good overall health, as gum disease has been linked to an elevated risk of heart disease. In other words, it’s about more than our teeth! The same holds true for your dog. Good oral hygiene practices, including brushing and regular cleanings are important in giving your pup a long, healthy, active life. Avery Creek Pet Hospital’s expert, and caring, staff is here to help.

Have Your Dog’s Teeth Cleaned by a Professional in Asheville NC

While brushing daily (or even three times a week) can significantly improve your dog’s oral health, it is vital that he goes to the vet at least once a year for a thorough cleaning and exam. Your vet’s team will effectively clean away plaque and tartar, reducing the risk that dangerous bacteria will enter the bloodstream and cause organ damage. This also helps prevent gum disease or, in dogs who already have it, keep it from progressing. A bonus: your dog will have fresher breath!

Cleanings and exams are also important, though, because they allow your vet to identify any issues that may be causing your dog pain and/or putting him at risk for disease or other complications. For example, abscessed teeth can spread infection throughout the mouth and body. Your dog likely will not stop eating his regular food, so it is very difficult to spot trouble without a professional vet teeth cleaning. 

At Avery Creek Pet Hospital, we understand that dog teeth cleaning can be difficult and stressful - for dogs and owners! We make every effort to put both of you at ease and make the procedure as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Your pup’s health is our top priority, and that includes keeping him calm and relaxed when he comes in for a visit. 

For better health, a longer life, and more pleasant breath, please schedule a teeth cleaning for your dog today!