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Over 95 million cats have entered the homes and hearts of American families, and they become treasured friends and companions. Keeping them healthy, active, and happy for as long as possible is an important goal - and with Avery Creek Pet Hospital on your side, it is an attainable one. Let’s give your feline friend the best quality of life possible with routine cat exams.

Regular cat exams are essential in ensuring optimal ongoing health, identifying health issues that, without treatment, can progress into life-threatening or limiting illnesses, and providing proper care for the future. Cats do not age like humans: the process is accelerated, so your pet will require more frequent exams as he ages. Young kittens should be seen monthly to stay on top of parasite control and vaccinations; older kittens and young adults should be seen at least yearly; and senior and geriatric pets should come in for a checkup at least twice yearly. 

We understand that cats may be hesitant - or very resistant! - to undergo an exam. At Avery Creek Pet Hospital, we’re cat people. We make every effort to ensure the experience is as smooth, streamlined, and stress-free as possible… for both you and your pet! Our vets and vet techs are well-versed in conducting thorough exams with the utmost level of calm. 

Exams include complete evaluations of your pet’s eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, heart, lungs, lymph nodes, abdomen, coat, skin, and weight. Upon examination and review of your pet’s history, we will deliver targeted recommendations for vaccinations, treatments, weight management, nutrition, and more.

We know that your cat is more than a pet; he is a beloved part of the family. Our goal is to ensure he has a long, happy life full of cuddling, playing, and bringing you joy. Contact us for an appointment today.