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Caring for Older Pets Asheville NCWhether you have watched your pet grow from a puppy or a kitten into a mature dog or cat or you have adopted an older companion, maintaining their health is essential. They still have life to live - and, of course, love to give. As pets age, their needs change in terms of nutrition, activity, and even behavior. At this stage of their lives, they need just as much attention and affection, as well as care targeted towards “geriatric” animals. Avery Creek Pet Hospital is committed to ensuring they are as healthy as possible and that their quality of life is as high as possible.

Thanks to improved veterinary care and nutrition, pets are living longer than ever. This also means that you will encounter more issues related to age. Larger dogs are considered geriatric at about 6 years of age, while smaller dogs and cats are considered geriatric at age 7. Just as with people, pets are at an increased risk of various conditions as they age. These include:

  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease 
  • Liver Disease 
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney/Urinary Tract Disease 
  • Joint or Bone Conditions
  • Dental Issues 
  • Weakness
  • Senility 

How to Care for Your Pets as They Get Older in Asheville

Avery Creek Pet Hospital delivers both preventative and emergent care for older pets. It is essential that your geriatric pet comes in for semi-annual visits so we can spot any signs of illness or other health conditions that may progress without treatment. Early detection is key. We can also advise you as to the best nutrition for this stage of your pet’s life, as well as help with weight management, parasite control, mobility, vaccinations, continence, and any special needs your pet may have.

Our goal is to ensure your pet enjoys a high quality of life - and that you enjoy having games of fetch, walks, cuddles, and unconditional love for as long as possible. If you have an older pat, contact Avery Creek Pet Hospital. Our experienced team is well-versed in their unique needs and, as always, delivers expert care with compassion.