heat dog panting how hot is too hot for a dog outside asheville nc

We all know that warm temperatures can affect our dogs, but how hot is too hot? There are numerous variables to determine what temperature your dog can be comfortable in, and we will discuss a few guidelines to follow.

In general, most dogs who have access to circulating air, fresh water and shade can probably handle heat in the 85-90 degree range; however, there is no hard rule about temperature limits.

Beagle Grass

Dogs, cats, and other pets will show key warning signs that they need immediate veterinarian attention. In a pervious blog, we discussed the first four of eight important signs to take your dog or cat to a pet hospital, which included:

  1. Odd Eating Habits
  2. Gastrointestinal Distress
  3. Abnormal Elimination
  4. Eye Problems

In this article, we will complete the list, with the following four of eight signs you should take your pet to the vet:

Biking Dog

Your dog might be the perfect partner for you next bike ride. Hiking and biking with your dog is a great way to bond, and a great source of exercise for your pet. However, it is important to remember that your dog can not tell you when he is tired, when his paws are hurting, and when he needs water.

what do i need to know about hiking with dogs asheville nc

Now that the rain has finally stopped, it is time to get outside. As dog owners now, if you’re outside, they want to be outside with you. In a previous post, we discussed the first four of Eight Key Things to Remember When Hiking with Dogs. The first four included:

  1. Remember Your Dog’s Vaccinations
  2. Remember Your Dog’s Fitness Level
  3. Remember Your Dog’s Food and Water
  4. Remember Your Dog Trail Etiquette

It is important for hikers to consider the endurance levels of their furry friends, as well as dog-hiker trail etiquette. We will continue and complete our list, in this article:

what to know about biking with dogs asheville nc

The weather is getting warmer and your bike, much like your pooch, begs to get outside. With a few safety considerations, taking a bike ride with your dog at your side isn’t off limits. In this article, we are providing part one of a useful checklist of to get you started.