Whether you grew up with pups running around or always dreamed of having a pooch to call your own, there is no doubt canines have worked their way into our lives - and our hearts. More than half of American households own at least one dog. If you’re among them, you know that nothing is more comforting than coming home to a warm greeting, more invigorating than playing a spirited game of fetch, or more rewarding than having an always-ready hiking/walking/road trip buddy who will also curl up and binge-watch your current obsession with you.

They love us unconditionally, and they also trust us. Ensuring your dog visits the vet on a regular basis is one big way we can repay them. Routine veterinary care helps our furry friends live their best, and longest lives. Here's why.

Your dog is hardly just a pet. They have been called people’s best friends, but they are much more like family. Whether you adopted or found your dog as a puppy, or your furry family member came to you as an adult, you want to do everything you can to make sure they are happy and healthy. Unfortunately, as dogs age, they can begin to experience symptoms of pain. That is not unlike their pet parents, who feel their joints and muscles getting achy as they get older. However, your dog ages more quickly than you. They rely on their parents to help recognize they are uncomfortable and help mitigate it.

You may have heard of laser therapy as a means by which a veterinarian can help with your dog's pain. However, the term or concept may seem unfamiliar and even a little concerning. We want to help dog parents understand the potential benefits of laser therapy and whether it is a good solution for their furry family members. 

A Safe Pet Holiday Guide

Thursday, 10 December 2020 08:16

The holidays are here which means we are probably spending a little extra time with our furry friends. No one wants to spend Christmas at the emergency hospital so we've put together the following guide that explores the most common safety concerns when it comes to the holidays and our pets.

Winter can really be a magical time in western North Carolina. Each year, our area sees about a foot of snow in the valleys, and much higher amounts in the high elevations around the Tennessee border.  We have already seen snow this winter with most of our area receiving a white Christmas. It probably will not be our last round of winter weather, so pet parents should take the proper precautions with their furry friends. There is a good chance they will have as much fun as you, as long as you follow a few important safety tips.

Many Asheville area residents have had a challenging and unique year. It has been common for you to have to navigate a new school and work routine that often includes sharing the same space and internet connection. And if you have been working remotely you may have found your office is not as lonely as you would have expected. If you have cats, you probably have a desk mate. Where you once thought working from home would be lonely, now you can’t even imagine trading your furry friend for a new coworker!

For those who love their furry companions and feline coworkers, you know it is important to make sure your cat gets regular wellness check-ups with their veterinarian. Here is what you can expect for your cat’s wellness check-up.