Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Thursday, 24 October 2019 18:19

The holidays involve a lot of family, a lot of decorations, and a lot of extra stuff. They're an amazing respite for all of those reasons. Juggling so many new things means it becomes easy to overlook what your pet's getting up to. Family coming in and out can mean a dog getting outside, decoration can mean a cat eating tinsel, and all those extra toys can be a hazard to animals looking for something to chew on. Luckily it only takes a few good habits to avoid a potentially heartbreaking holiday emergency.

5 Great Fall Trails to Hike with Your Dog

Thursday, 26 September 2019 21:46

Fall is in the air! It’s a little cooler and a little crisper - the perfect time to hit the trail with your favorite four-legged friend. Fortunately, Asheville, North Carolina offers an abundance of terrific hiking trails to explore. Read on for our favorites and enjoy peaceful woods, bubbling creeks, dramatic waterfalls, challenging summits, wandering walks… we have it all! 

Asheville’s Must-Hike Trails

Adventure awaits when you choose one of these terrific trails (or, better yet, all of them!):


Wednesday, 11 September 2019 15:49

Remembering to give your dog their monthly preventative doesn't have to be a burden anymore! We're excited to announce that we are now carrying ProHeart12. This ONCE A YEAR injection protects dogs against heartworm disease for a full 12 months.  Contact us to learn more and schedule your dogs appointment. 

If you want to know if a thunderstorm is on the way, your pup may be able to tell you more accurately than the Weather Channel. Even before the first boom, your otherwise happy, calm dog starts to exhibit anxious behaviors: he hides under a table or in the closet. He paces and pants excessively. He clings to you. And if he’s really afraid, he may even claw, chew, or try to break through doors or windows. 

When your dog is scared of bad weather, it is hard to watch. How do you manage these situations? Keep your pet calm? Avoid unintentionally reinforcing panic-driven behaviors? Read on for helpful tips for battling thunderstorm phobia.

Your seemingly healthy, happy cat has decided to start using the bathroom outside of the litterbox. This frustrating behavior may have you scratching for answers and we've listed some of the more common reasons below. A sudden change in your cats bathroom behavior should signal a trip to the vet for a thorough checkup as it may also indicate a treatable medical condition.