Fireworks and Pets

Wednesday, 24 June 2020 08:37

It's not uncommon for dogs to be afraid of loud noises including fireworks. What is a celebration for us is often a frightening experience for our dogs. With the 4th of July quickly approaching, here are some tips to help prepare your dog.

It is something that no pet owner wants to think about - but something for which every pet owner needs to prepare. If there is an emergency and your pet needs help, it is important that you are ready and able to administer aid. If your dog eats the dark chocolate you left out on the counter, if your cat overheats in the summer, if your pet injures himself and is limping, if he appears to be struggling to breathe… What do you do? You may not have time to Google in that moment, so take a few minutes to learn about basic - and maybe life-saving - emergency care.

Why You Should Adopt a Senior Dog 

Thursday, 23 April 2020 11:00

It is hard to resist the adorable energy of puppies, and their playful demeanors are immediately appealing. But there is something to be said for adopting a senior dog. Actually, there is a lot to say about bringing an older dog into your family! Your best friend may be waiting, patiently, out there for you. 

Spring safety for your pets

Thursday, 19 March 2020 09:13

 Goodbye winter, hello spring! The days are getting longer and flowers are starting to bloom. As pretty as these flowers are, they could spell danger for our pets.

Below is a list of some common spring plant toxicities but to view a full list, please click here.

There are many benefits of pet ownership such as stress relief, emotional support, and companionship. If you enjoy exploring the many beautiful hiking trails our area has to offer or going for a daily run, dogs make great exercise buddies. For families with children, not only do kids often form special bonds with pets but assisting with the care of pets (with appropriate adult supervision, of course) can help children learn responsibility. 

When considering a furry addition to your family, it is important to choose a pet that will fit best with your lifestyle. Are you and others in your household always on the go and rarely home for more than a few minutes? A puppy that isn’t house trained yet and needs to be let outside multiple times per day might not work out so well. Does your child have pet allergies? You probably want to do your research about breeds that are hypoallergenic. Would you rather lounge around on the couch than go outside and explore with your pet? An animal that doesn’t require a lot of exercise would probably be ideal. Hopefully, you get the picture.