Why Is My Cat Yowling?

Why Is My Cat Yowling?

Thursday, 19 August 2021 14:25

Does your cat meow? Good, your cat is supposed to meow. That’s typically a good thing, but if your cat is yowling, they might be trying to tell you something vital. 

It’s important to parent your cat and tend to its needs. The way your cat will communicate those needs is through meowing or yowling. It’s their language, and as a cat owner, you need to become fluent in the language they speak.

It’s vital to understand why your cat is yowling and how to treat it, and if you might need to schedule an appointment with your beloved Avery Creek Pet Hospital.

Why Is My Cat Yowling?

We’re going to dive into some reasons why your cat may be meowing or yowling, whether it be for mild or major reasons.

1. Greetings 

What is a better way to start off the list than with a greeting? Every human, and every pet, knows how to greet one another. Greetings create a sense of belonging in a community. Your cat may just want to say hello when you come through the door. 

Your cat may want to meet the coworker you brought back to the house. Sometimes all a cat wants to do is say hello and make new friends.

2. Attention Seeking 

If your phone makes a sound, it is because someone on the other end wants your attention. They’re wanting attention and hoping you’ll give it to them. The same rings true for your pet cats. 

If they’re meowing and giving you those long-gazing cute stares, it may be wise to take a few minutes and give them the attention they’re seeking.

3. Hunger 

Do you or your body make noises when you’re hungry? When it’s 1:00 am in the afternoon, and you haven’t had anything since your 7:00 am bagel? Of course, you do, and some of you might be on the hangry side. Your cat needs food too! 

If your cat is yowling, check their food bowls and make sure they’ve got plenty to chow down.

4. To Find a Mate

For humans, we go to the bar in a pre-COVID world or slide in the DM’s on various social media platforms. For cats they have a mating call. Yes, your cat uses yowling as a way to find a partner, one that isn’t spayed or neutered. 

The female cats yowl when in heat, and the males yowl when they smell a potential mate. Cats need lovin’ too.

5. Loneliness

Who likes to be alone in solitude? Perhaps for a little while, but we are social creatures who are designed to be in community with one another. The same rings true about our pets. Our pets can crave community. 

Does your cat have a playmate? Does your cat get outdoors and mingle with other pets in the neighborhood? If not, it could be that your pet desires a friend.

6. Physical Problems

For myself, getting out of bed with a sore back is accompanied by various noises as I stand to my feet and force myself to be ready for the day. Some call them grunts and groans, and they’re generally unpleasant. 

If your cat is in pain with things such as arthritis, joint pain, tummy issues, injuries, or any other issue, it’s understood why they’d be yowling. They’re hurting with physical ailments and need medical attention.

7. Aging Problems

Just like humans who get up in age start having medical issues, so do cats as their bodies break down as well. Your cat could be suffering from any form of mental confusion or disorientation just because they are getting older. Just like humans, cats can also have Alzheimer’s disease.

These are just a few reasons why your cat is constantly yowling. It’s up to you as the owner to find the reason for the reoccurring yowls. While some on the list will happen, such as the greeting yowls, other reasons you’ll want to fix, such as the physical or aging problems your cat may be experiencing.

What Do I Do Now?

If you suspect your cat has a reason for its excessive yowling, the best thing you can do as its caregiver is to seek veterinary assistance. You can go to your trusted veterinarian office in south Asheville, and a reliable professional can help your cat with a healthier and happier life. 

You can schedule a wellness visit, and at this visit, the veterinarian can help determine the cause for your cat’s yowling and create a plan to advise you on further treatment and care. Avery Creek Pet Hospital and its experts are here to help you and your beloved pet. Contact us to schedule your cat’s wellness check-up today

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