Why All Pets Require Preventative Wellness Checkups

Why All Pets Require Preventative Wellness Checkups

Wednesday, 26 February 2020 10:48

Pets are parts of our families, and their superpower is being able to come into our hearts with their unconditional love. Keeping them healthy and giving them the best shot at living a long, active life is important. Proper nutrition, lots of exercise, plenty of praise and attention, and regular preventative wellness checkups are the keys.

Why Preventative Wellness Checkups for Pets Are So Important

Wellness checks help ensure your pet lives a healthy life and that any diseases or conditions are detected as early as possible. This gives your furry friend the best chances of effective treatment and recovery. 

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Animal Hospital Association, visits to veterinarians are on the decrease - while cases of preventable diseases are increasing. Just as regular visits to the doctor and dentist help us stay healthy, routine checkups, bloodwork, tests, vaccinations, and preventative flea/tick treatments help us keep our pets live their best lives.

What Happens at a Preventative Wellness Checkup?

Your veterinary team will conduct a thorough exam that includes: 

  • Full health history 
  • Discussion of diet and exercise habits 
  • Discussion of bowel movements and urination patterns
  • Examination of your pet’s skin and coat
  • Vital sign measurements (e.g. pulse, respiration rate, etc.)
  • Weight check
  • Blood tests
  • Listening to the heart and lungs
  • Looking at how your pet walks and stands
  • Evaluation of muscle condition
  • Examination of the eyes, ears, nose, and face
  • Examination of the mouth and teeth 
  • Examination of the lymph nodes, legs, and abdomen
  • Evaluation of the thyroid
  • Tests for heartworm and other parasites

Based on their findings and your pet’s general health history, your veterinary team will recommend specific vaccinations, parasite control measures, nutrition, weight management techniques, dental care, and skin and coat care. Your pet may require wellness screening tests, as well, such as complete blood count (CBC), urinalysis, thyroid hormone, or biochemistry profile. 

We recommend annual or biannual wellness checkups. If you have a young pet, an older pet, or one with existing health concerns, it is helpful to schedule more frequent visits to keep on top of any issues.

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Preventative wellness checkups help us uncover issues, such as heart disease, metabolic conditions, cancer, diabetes, kidney problems, obesity, arthritis, and more. Prevention and early detection are critical.

Pets are not able to tell us when something is wrong, and hiding pain and discomfort is hardwired into them from a survival standpoint. They depend on us to take charge and make good decisions about their health. They can’t say “Thank you” - but they sure can show you how much they appreciate it with every game of fetch or snuggle on the couch.

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