Waylon's Story and the Importance of Veterinarian Approved Heart worm Treatments

Saturday, 29 July 2017 08:26

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Waylon’s Story of Heart worm Treatment

Why do we recommend yearly heart worm tests and recommend you buy preventative from us verses a third-party online pharmacy?


Waylon came in last week for his heart worm treatment. He has been consistently taking a heart worm preventative for the last year, but on his last heart worm test, he tested positive. Thankfully for Waylon, his owner had bought his preventative through a vet, which means owners don’t have to pay for his expensive treatment.

Veterinarian Endorsed Heart worm Treatment Saves Lives

We always encourage clients to purchase their heart worm preventative from us because it comes with a company backed guarantee that if their pet tests positive for any of the parasites the heart worm preventative helps prevent for, they will pay for the associated treatment. This guarantee does not apply to heart worm preventatives that are bought through a non-veterinary online pharmacy, something many owners aren’t aware of.

Waylon is doing well and is a great example of why we still test dogs annually for heart worms even if they are on preventative. Heart worm preventatives work extremely well, but as with most things, aren’t 100% effective.

If your dog is due a veterinarian visit and/or needs heart worm treatment, we are here to help. Our offices are conveniently located near Asheville, and we love to see new patients. Give us a call, or schedule your appointment online.