The Importance of Annual Wellness Exams and Preventative Bloodwork

Thursday, 01 February 2018 23:32


When your pet comes in for their annual or biannual exam, our doctors perform a thorough physical exam to check for lumps, bumps and any abnormal physical changes. Often, we can find developing heart conditions, dental disease, evidence of arthritis and the start of skin and ear problems before the patient shows any symptoms.


However, sometimes our pets appear perfectly healthy but biologically, diseases are brewing underneath the surface and only diagnostic tests can detect these early and subtle changes. Detecting a disease early can mean the difference between having a good outcome and it being too late to reverse the illness.

The Importance of Blood Tests During Annual  Wellness Exams

Starting at the age of 3, we ask you at each annual or biannual visit if you would like us to do either a junior or senior blood panel depending on your dog’s age. These blood tests check red and white blood cell counts, as well as checking vital organ functions such as the kidneys and liver. For older pets, those over 7, we also check a urinalysis and thyroid function for potential abnormalities.

Our goal is to keep your pet as healthy as possible. Preventative blood work helps us identify potential diseases early on, giving us the best chance for helping your pet continue to live a long and fulfilling life!

To learn more about annual wellness exams and preventative bloodwork  contact Avery Creek Pet Hospital. Our veterinarians help keep pets healthy in the Asheville area.