Pet Walking Month in Asheville, NC

Thursday, 01 February 2018 23:16

dog walk

Even though it may be cold out, January is National Walk Your Pet Month. Walking your dog is not only one of the best ways to bond with them, it should also be a part of your daily routine. How long and often you walk your dog will depend on their age and activity level.

Older dogs, overweight dogs and dogs with arthritic or medical issues should be evaluation by your vet before starting an exercise routine.

Tips for Walking Your Dog During Winter in Asheville, NC

  • The saying is "a tired dog is a happy dog". Physical exercise should be a part of your dog's regular routine, but it shouldn't be your dog's sole way of releasing energy. You may be inadvertently creating an athlete that now needs even more physical exercise to calm down! Mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise, so having your dog work harder on its walks by incorporating good training will help make the most of your walks.
  • If walking your dog is more of a struggle than a joy, contact us to help find a trainer that can turn your walk around!
  • Use your own judgement as to whether or not to take your dog for a walk in cold weather. Ice and chemicals can be dangerous and if it is too cold outside, your dog may require a jacket or booties.
  • If you are walking in the dark, make sure that you and your dog are visible to vehicles and other pedestrians. There are lots of options for lights and reflective wear for both you and your dog.

The worst of winter is most likely over, but it is still important to take appropriate precautions when walking your dog during winter. For more information about winter pet safety, contact us. Avery Creek Pet Hospital is committed to pet health for pet owners in the Asheville area.