Five Ways to Celebrate National Pet Week

Saturday, 02 June 2018 12:32

national pet weekThere is no denying that the human-animal bond we share with our pets is one based on unconditional love. Our pets are our best friends, adventure pals, snuggle buddies and more.  To celebrate National Pet Week, below are five ways to build a stronger bond with your pet.


Spend some one-on-one time together

We live in a busy world and our pets know it! A good relationship is built on spending quality time together and being present with your pet. It could mean leaving your cell phone at home next time you take your dog on a walk or dedicating time each day to love on your cat without any distractions. When it comes to spending time with your pet, they usually value quality over quantity.

petweek 2Honor your pet's natural instincts

Both cats and dogs are natural born predators and have their own unique needs. Breeds were designed to maximize certain desired qualities and traits. For example, terriers were bred to dig and hunt small vermin and herding breeds were bred to be agile and attentive. Pay attention to your pets' natural instincts. Encourage them and exercise them in a constructive manner through appropriate play and even dog sports.

Appreciate your pets for who they are

Every dog and cat will have their own likes and dislikes. Some cats want to be our cuddle buddies and others would prefer to sleep undisturbed in their cat beds. Similarly, some dogs were born to be social butterflies where others prefer the quietness of staying at home. Find what your pet likes and accept them for who they are!

petweek 3Learn your pet's body language

Any good relationship is built on trust and respect. When we're able to learn when our pet is uncomfortable or showing signs of stress, it will be easier to remove them from the situation, increasing their trust in us to keep them safe. Repeatedly ignoring your pets' warning signs signals to them that we aren't trustworthy and can lead to worse behavior.

Stimulate your pet's brain

All pets are incredibly intelligent and need an appropriate outlet for their mental energy.  There are many ways to stimulate your pets brain including both cat and dog food puzzles and having your pet work for their food. Click here for more ideas to stimulate your pet's mind.