7 Things to Do If You Lose Your Pet in Asheville

7 Things to Do If You Lose Your Pet in Asheville

Tuesday, 30 April 2019 10:38

For many of us, our pets are more than furry friends; they become beloved members of our families - and we can’t imagine life without them. If they become lost, it can be frightening and stressful. If your pet wanders off, chases a squirrel, or otherwise disappears from your view, what should you do?

Finding Lost Pets In Asheville: What To Do To Find Your Friend

Losing your pet is scary, but there is good news. Ninety-three percent of lost dogs are recovered, and 74 percent of cats come back to their owners.

  • Remain Calm! Easier said than done, we know! Panic can keep you from making quick, strategic, and useful decisions. Take a breath.
  • Find a Good, Recent Photo. Who else has 100 pictures of their dog or cat on their phone? Select one or two that show your pet’s distinguishing features.
  • Search the Immediate Area. According to the ASPCA, nearly half (49 percent) of dog owners and 30 percent of cat owners found their missing pets by searching the neighborhood. Ask your neighbors if they’ve seen him, and show those unfamiliar with your furry friend the photo(s). Ask them to keep an eye out for you.
  • Call Local Animal Shelters and Animal Control Agencies. Six percent of lost pet owners find their animals in a shelter. It’s worth making a few calls. Even if he is not there, they, too, can keep an eye out. Provide a photo; if they have a Facebook page, you can message a picture or find their email address online.
  • Advertise. Again, you want as many people as possible looking for your lost pet in Asheville. Print up some flyers and post them at grocery stores, vet officest offices, pet supply stores, community centers, and other locations that see a lot of foot traffic. Make sure to include your pet’s gender, age, weight, color, breed, and special markings. It’s a good idea to leave out one distinguishing feature: this way, if someone finds him, they can describe him. You can also put an ad in your local newspaper and post on social media. Get the word out.
  • Be Cautious of Lost Pet Recovery Scams. Adding on to the last point a bit: if someone claims to have found your pet, make sure they can accurately describe him. Unfortunately, some people are more interested in scamming you out of a few dollars rather than helping a pet return home.
  • Get Online Help. Sites like FidoFinder, Petfinder, Lost Dogs of America, and the Center for Lost Pets may be helpful resources. It is worth a try.

You can’t always prevent a lost pet situation; even the most attentive owners can experience this problem. To ensure you have the best shot at locating your friend, have him microchipped and ensure he has an identification tag.

If your pet is lost in Asheville, remember that most dogs and cats make it back home. The key is to be proactive, stay calm, and begin the search as soon as you can. For more information about finding lost pets, contact Avery Creek Pet Hospital.