7 Reasons to Adopt a Cat

7 Reasons to Adopt a Cat

Thursday, 30 May 2019 21:10

June is National Adopt a Cat Month. We love our cats: Americans own 88 million of them - but 3.4 million cats enter animal shelters every year. That means there are plenty of feline friends just waiting for their forever home. Why should you consider bringing one of them into your life?

1. They Do Your Heart Good

And we’re not just talking about the heartwarming feeling when you’re greeted at the door or your cat curls up on your lap. According to a University of Minnesota study, cats reduce stress and anxiety, reducing your risk of heart attack by an astonishing 40 percent.

2. They Help Reduce Emotional Distress

Cats help alleviate feelings of anxiety, depression, panic, and loneliness. They are renowned for their quiet presence and independent nature (more on that in a moment). Simply cuddling with you can provide a sense of comfort.

An Indiana University study found that people who watch cat videos feel “more energetic, felt more positive, and had fewer negative emotions, such as anxiety, annoyance, and sadness…” And that’s just from watching online videos! Imagine if you had the real thing.

3. There’s Healing Magic in Those Purrs

Did you know cat purrs have been linked to lower blood pressure and increased bone strength? They are also associated with accelerated muscle and ligament healing and decreased dyspnea (labored breathing). No wonder pet owners live longer!

4. They’re Good for Your Kids

Pets help teach children responsibility, but cats are also good for their immune systems! Kids are less likely to develop allergies and respiratory issues if they grow up with cats.

5. They’re Low Maintenance

Cats are independent - but they still love treats and affection! If you are unable to care for a dog, whether because of space, work hours, or physical ability, cats are a wonderful way to fill the need for a pet. They know how to use a litter box with virtually no training, groom themselves, scratch to maintain their nails (scratching post highly recommended!), and don’t need walks or constant attention like dogs. Oh, and they’re a lot less likely to rip into your garbage or chew your favorite shoes.

They also love to nap. Cats sleep 16-20 hours a day, so you don’t have to feel guilty when you go to work or sack out on the couch for a Netflix marathon. They’ll happily purr next to you.

All the love with a lot less work.

6. They Can Help Fight Pests

If you have a farm or business that needs effective pest control, cats can be a godsend. They’re incredible hunters and can help battle rats, mice, and bugs. This gives many cats who were previously considered “unadoptable” a chance to find a home.

Even housecats can help you catch the occasional mouse. While a pet’s job is, first and foremost, to be loved and cared for by his human family, it doesn’t hurt if they help keep the house pest-free!

7. Multiply the Love

Well-socialized cats respond very well to other cats in the home. If you have a cat already, introducing a new friend should pose little to no difficulty. And if you’re considering adopting one, why not two? It’s not much more work, and they benefit from one another’s company while you’re away. (You may even get a discount on adoption fees.)

If you’re thinking of owning two cats, ask your local animal shelter about those who get along with other cats. And if they already have a buddy at the shelter, don’t break them up! Bring them both home!

When you adopt a cat, you’re saving a life. And they might just save yours in return - or at least, make it a whole lot happier and healthier. Consider adopting. Kittens are cute but also look at older cats who have a lot of love to give. At Avery Creek Pet Hospital, we offer a free exam within the first 10 days of pet adoption. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.