New Years' Resolutions for Your PetMany people wonder what New Years' resolutions they can make for their pets. It's great when you can find a way to sync them up with your own resolutions. Believe it or not, when your own resolutions line up with your pets, you're both more likely to stick to them. What are good resolutions to ensure the pets you love are healthy and happy?

 10 Great Holiday Gifts for Your DogThe holiday season gives us the ideal opportunity to take time out to think of our loved ones and all of the ways they enrich our lives. And who brings us more joy and happiness than our four-legged friends! Don’t forget to put your fur baby on your shopping list - even if he’s been naughty (...eating the kids’ homework isn’t all that bad, right?), he certainly made the “Nice” list. 

Need a few ideas for the perfect pup present? We’ve made a list and checked it twice: these 10 holiday gifts for your dog are terrific for encouraging Fido to stay active, stimulating him mentally, satisfying his sweet tooth (meat tooth?), and cuddling up on a cozy winter night.

tan and white basset hound near the christmas tree 754491Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner which means if you havn't already started to make plans for your pets, now is the time! Holidays can be partically stressfull for our pets. Between the fun, family and food, keep the following tips in mind to make sure your pet stays happy and healthy










Holiday Pet Safety TipsThe holidays involve a lot of family, a lot of decorations, and a lot of extra stuff. They're an amazing respite for all of those reasons. Juggling so many new things means it becomes easy to overlook what your pet's getting up to. Family coming in and out can mean a dog getting outside, decoration can mean a cat eating tinsel, and all those extra toys can be a hazard to animals looking for something to chew on. Luckily it only takes a few good habits to avoid a potentially heartbreaking holiday emergency.

Fall Trails with Dog in asheville ncFall is in the air! It’s a little cooler and a little crisper - the perfect time to hit the trail with your favorite four-legged friend. Fortunately, Asheville, North Carolina offers an abundance of terrific hiking trails to explore. Read on for our favorites and enjoy peaceful woods, bubbling creeks, dramatic waterfalls, challenging summits, wandering walks… we have it all! 

Asheville’s Must-Hike Trails

Adventure awaits when you choose one of these terrific trails (or, better yet, all of them!):