Summer Dangers for Pets in Asheville, NC

Saturday, 24 April 2021 23:37

Asheville is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the country. The Blue Ridge Mountains are the perfect playground for your pet because there are so many things to do including miles of mountain trails to explore, watering holes for splashing, and plenty of delicious things to sniff. You and your pet will love touring the lush grounds surrounding The Biltmore House, walking around a local farmer’s market, or visiting a dog-friendly restaurant patio for brunch. You can expect to find welcome signs, bowls of freshwater, and tasty treats for your pet in Asheville’s walkable downtown. The majority of Asheville’s breweries, outdoor cafes, and even some of its ice cream shops are pet-friendly. Enjoy your stay in one of Asheville’s many hotels and cabins that offer amenities just for pets including room treats, dog beds, and pet-friendly cottages. For exploring Asheville, all you need is a sturdy leash and an adventurous pet. 

How to Tell if My Cat is in Pain

Monday, 12 April 2021 23:34

Recognizing when a cat is in pain, where the pain is coming from, and what’s causing it can be very difficult. Cats are particularly good at hiding signs of pain, and sometimes the signs are subtle and easy to miss. However, chances are you know your cat’s “normal” routine, such as their attitude, energy level, appetite, thirst, sleep pattern, and other physical and behavioral patterns. There are many signs you can look for that may indicate your cat is in pain. Knowing what to look for is the key, so you can prevent your cat from suffering and have them receive the proper medical help. 

Can Pets Have Allergies?

Friday, 19 March 2021 18:09

It was a long winter in western North Carolina. It seemed like it began earlier than usual, was colder than it has been in a while, and we had more rounds of winter weather than we have experienced in years. Even the most ardent snow-lovers were tired of being stuck inside. Finally, the trees and flowers are beginning to bloom, joining the singing birds announcing that spring is here. Western North Carolina comes alive this time of year. The mountains turn pink, then red, then the most brilliant, lush green. The one downside might be that as the trees grow their leaves, our cars, decks, porches, sidewalks, and every other surface turn yellow with pollen. 

It is a wonderful time of year again in western North Carolina. We are approaching the season when it is finally warm enough to get out and explore our beautiful mountains. As the forests turn green and the wildflowers begin to bloom, Asheville residents are excited to begin getting out to hike, bike, and enjoy their outdoor living spaces. Especially with so many stuck inside through winter working and learning remotely, you can expect the trails to be especially busy this spring. Make sure your furry friend is ready for whatever the season has in store. Remember, it is never too early for flea and tick treatment. 

Here in Asheville and Arden, we line of furry friends. You see dogs everywhere you go. Whether it’s on the trail, at your favorite brunch spot, or perusing the River Arts District, you are going to see some friendly tails wagging. As more people have access to the vaccine, life is slowly returning to normal in western North Carolina. It has been a long year of being cooped up inside for you and your dog. You may be ready to take your canine everywhere you go this spring. However, before you hit the road and trail, it is important to schedule your dog's wellness checkup. Here are a few reasons you should schedule your pup's wellness check up and what they can expect when they arrive at Avery Creek Pet Hospital.