Can Pets Have Allergies?

Friday, 19 March 2021 18:09

It was a long winter in western North Carolina. It seemed like it began earlier than usual, was colder than it has been in a while, and we had more rounds of winter weather than we have experienced in years. Even the most ardent snow-lovers were tired of being stuck inside. Finally, the trees and flowers are beginning to bloom, joining the singing birds announcing that spring is here. Western North Carolina comes alive this time of year. The mountains turn pink, then red, then the most brilliant, lush green. The one downside might be that as the trees grow their leaves, our cars, decks, porches, sidewalks, and every other surface turn yellow with pollen. 

It is a wonderful time of year again in western North Carolina. We are approaching the season when it is finally warm enough to get out and explore our beautiful mountains. As the forests turn green and the wildflowers begin to bloom, Asheville residents are excited to begin getting out to hike, bike, and enjoy their outdoor living spaces. Especially with so many stuck inside through winter working and learning remotely, you can expect the trails to be especially busy this spring. Make sure your furry friend is ready for whatever the season has in store. Remember, it is never too early for flea and tick treatment. 

Here in Asheville and Arden, we line of furry friends. You see dogs everywhere you go. Whether it’s on the trail, at your favorite brunch spot, or perusing the River Arts District, you are going to see some friendly tails wagging. As more people have access to the vaccine, life is slowly returning to normal in western North Carolina. It has been a long year of being cooped up inside for you and your dog. You may be ready to take your canine everywhere you go this spring. However, before you hit the road and trail, it is important to schedule your dog's wellness checkup. Here are a few reasons you should schedule your pup's wellness check up and what they can expect when they arrive at Avery Creek Pet Hospital. 

Can I Afford to Adopt a Cat?

Tuesday, 09 February 2021 17:59

Adopting a new cat or kitten is exciting, but before you sign the adoption papers, it’s important to learn the initial and annual costs of owning a cat. The cost of bringing a cat into your home is more than the initial adoption fees, which can vary from nothing to hundreds of dollars. In addition, the initial expenses include purchasing supplies, travel funds, and adoption fees, should be prepared before the arrival of your cat. There are also recurring expenses that occur throughout the year and over the cat’s lifetime. Be prepared for unexpected costly veterinary visits and emergencies that can happen any time during the year that needs to be at your annual expense. Depending on where you live can also make a difference in cat costs. Here is a list of things that will help you prepare for your cat’s arrival.

The Best Cat Teeth Cleaning Toys

Monday, 18 January 2021 18:26

Are you a cat person or dog person? For many Asheville area residents, the debate rages on. Dogs are typically better hiking and camping partners than cats. Dogs are sad to see you leave your home but delighted to welcome your return. They are seen as more playful and eager to please. However, dogs are often larger, smellier, and more demanding than cats. Feline friends cuddle more efficiently in your lap, take care of their own business, and owners will say they are just as fun as dogs. At Avery Creek Pet Hospital our position is, “Why not both?”

Cats have earned a reputation for being independent and most certainly are quite capable of taking care of their own needs! However, when it comes to their dental health, we owners need to step in. Regular brushing and routine visits to the vet for a thorough exam and cleaning are essential in preventing serious dental disease and other health issues related to lack of nutrition and bacteria in the bloodstream. Cat teeth cleaning toys can be a great addition to your oral health arsenal!