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Welcome to Avery Creek Pet Hospital!

While you are here, know that your best friend is being taken care of while you wait!
We want to show you some of the things your dog or cat will be seeing while inside the office. When your pet comes inside with us for a regular exam, we'll get their weight first thing. We'll take their temperature and look at their teeth for any signs of oral disease. A regular teeth cleaning will reduce the risk of certain oral health concerns and bad breath.
We'll also listen to their heart and lungs, examine important joints, and check for any skin lumps or swollen lymph nodes. We're looking for any swollen organs or painful areas. For dogs and cats, we also look closely at the eyes, ears, and mouth, as many symptoms show in these areas.
If your pet needs any vaccinations, we'll discuss that with you. Vaccinations help protect your pet's health and prevent the spread of dangerous diseases. Shots are easy - before they know it, it's over! We'll bring your pet back to you and discuss anything found during the exam.
We may suggest diagnostic screenings based on the age and condition of your pet. Common screenings include a complete blood count, biochemistry, urinalysis, testing for heartworms, testing fecal for parasites, and abdominal or full-body X-rays.
Before you know it, you'll be back home knowing your canine or feline friend is happy and healthy. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us before or after the visit or give us a call at (828) 651-8868. You can also respond to any text message you get during your exam.