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trimmingWellness / Preventative Care

Prevention is the real goal of wellness exams. When veterinarians see a pet on a regular basis, they can help pets avoid some preventable illnesses and diseases. Many pet owners are not aware that taking a dog or cat to the veterinarian once a year is the same as a person seeing their doctor once every seven years. It is recommended that pets have an annual wellness exam so their veterinarian can have the opportunity to detect, treat or, ideally, prevent problems such as obesity, arthritis, heart disease, metabolic problems, cancer, diabetes, and other serious conditions before they become life-threatening.

Internal Medicine

Our veterinarians cover all areas of internal medicine including: Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology, Oncology and some Orthopedic Surgery.
Occasionally certain conditions arise that require a specialist's opinion or treatment. We are able to consult with a number of board certified specialists including: internists, surgeons, neurologists, ophthalmologists and critical care specialists.



Our skilled veterinarians perform surgeries on site that include, but are not limited to, soft tissue surgery, orthopedic procedures, dental and emergency surgeries. All surgical patients are examined by the veterinarian, have pre-anesthetic blood work, receive both IV fluids and anesthetics which are tailored to meet your pet's needs. The anesthetic we use is the safest available.  Pets are always monitored by modern equipment including pulse oximetry, heart rate and temperature in addition to being physically monitored by a technician. 


Modern technology allows our veterinarians to evaluate and diagnose medical conditions by taking radiographs (x-rays). Radiographs are helpful in giving insight as to what may be ailing your pet or causing discomfort. We have on-site developing so that results can be available, reviewed and discussed with the pet owner as quickly as possible.

Laser Therapy

Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy uses a beam of light to deeply penetrate tissue without damaging it.  Laser energy induces a biological response in the cells called "photo-bio-modulation", which leads to reduced pain, reduced inflammation, and increased healing speed.  The laser light is delivered through a noninvasive handpiece to treat the affected area.  Your pet may feel a gentle soothing warmth.  Most treatments take a matter of minutes.  Laser Therapy has been scientifically proven to be successful in treating post-surgical pain and many acute and chronic conditions.  Acute conditions include wounds, allergies, infections, cuts/bites, inflammation, tooth extraction pain relief, sprains, strains and fractures.  Chronic  conditions include degenerative joint disease, inflammatory bowel disease, periodontal disease, lick granulomas, hip dysplasia, geriatric care, feline acne, arthritis, otitis and many more.


Pain Management

Companion animals experience pain and discomfort the same as people do. Recognizing and alleviating pain is part of practicing good veterinary medicine. There are many forms of pain management and our goal is to ensure that your pet is as comfortable as possible while with us in the hospital and when recovering at home.

In-House Pharmacy

We stock a wide variety of the highest quality veterinary drugs in the animal health care field. Most medications are available in oral liquids or tablets for easy administration. Medications can be dispensed directly from the hospital so your pet will benefit from immediate treatment. We also work with Shertech, a local compounding pharmacy to provide customized medications for our patients when needed.


Each year, millions of dogs and cats are lost. In fact, this reportedly affects 1/3 of all pet-owning families. Of the millions of cats and dogs that are lost, only 10% are ever identified and returned to their owners. More pets lives are lost because owners did not identify them, than from all infectious diseases combined. All pets should wear traditional collars with identification and rabies vaccination tags. A traditional collar, however is not enough. Microchips are rapidly becoming a very popular method for identifying pets. Once the microchip is inserted, the pet is identified for life. Microchips are safe, unalterable and permanent identification for pets.


Pocket Pets

Our hospital is familiar with handling and treating rabbits and other small pets including: guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, gerbils and ferrets. With better owner education regarding health care, nutritional requirements and good habitat management, these smaller species have an increased chance at living longer, healthier and better quality lives.

Emergency Services

Emergency care is offered during regular business hours. After our regular business hours, we refer our clients to (R.E.A.C.H.) Regional Emergency Animal Care Hospital at 828-665-4399. 

Euthanasia and Cremation Services

Preparing to say good-bye to a special pet is very difficult.  We do our best to make your pet as comfortable as possible and euthanasia is performed humanely with respect and dignity. Pet owners are welcome to stay with their pet during the euthanasia and are encouraged to take as much time as they need with their pet afterwards. We offer private cremation services for pet owner's who would like their pet's ashes returned. House calls can also be arranged for special needs pets or pet owners who would like their pet euthanized in the comfort of the home.